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Legionellosis risk at schools: how to prevent it?

Legionellosis often represents a not considered risk in biological risk evaluation of schools, but epidemics have been discovered in environments like schools, hotels and hospitals


Evidences of legionellosis in a Capannoli plant

Security measures has been immediate for the infected rooms. These measures have been activated by a major's decree to debilitate the dangerous bacterium


The Italian State and the European Union have issued numerous regulations to prevent the risk of contamination from Legionella. Alisea operates in strict compliance with the same.

The dangers resulting from colonisation of the Legionella genus bacteria in water and aeraulic systems is largely covered by a large group of technical standards and regulations. Among the most important are:

  • The ARPA Molise Guidelines “Prevention of Legionella in Industrial Plants” –October 2010 Italy;
  • Approval of regional guidelines to monitor and control legionellosi – Official Bulletin of the Region of Emilia-Romagna- No. 147 of 22-8-2008 – Italy;
  • The Region of Marche: implementation of the guidelines to prevent and control legionellosi Resolution 189 of 2 February 2006 and Resolution 187 of 2 February 2006 – Italy;
  • Approval of the guidelines “Prevention and control of Legionellosi in Lombardy” – DECREE OF THE DIRECTORATE GENERAL FOR HEALTH NO. 2907 OF 28/02/2005 – Act ID no.200 – Italy;
  • Guidelines bearing indications for laboratories performing microbiological diagnosis and environmental monitoring of legionellosi. Official Gazette Number 29 (General Series) of 5 February 2005 (page 25-27) – Italy;
  • Guidelines bearing indications on legionellosi for operators of tourist facilities – accommodation and spas. Official Gazette Number 28 (General Series) of 4 February 2005 (page 54-60) – Italy;
  • The Region of Liguria; Official Bulletin Year XXXVII N.14 SECOND part of 5.4.2006 page 1567 and Official Bulletin Year XXXIII N.18 SECOND part of 2.5.2002 page 2079 – Italy;
  • Guidelines for prevention and control of legionellosi. Official Gazette Number 103 (General Series) of 5 may 2000 (page 12) – Italy;
  • Recommendations for monitoring, preventing and controlling Legionella pneumonia in public and private health facilities in the Piedmont region- The Region of Piedmont – Italy;
  • "European Legionnaires´ Disease Surveillance Network (ELDSNet) Operating Procedures, ECDC Technical Document" - prodotte nel febbraio 2012 - Europa;
  • Legionella and the prevention of legionellosis - World Health Organization 2007;
  • European Guidelines for Control and Prevention of Travel Associated Legionnaires’ Disease (produced by members of the European Surveillance Scheme for Travel Associated Legionnaires’ Disease – EWGLINET – and the European Working Group for Legionella Infections – EWGLI) – prodotte nel giugno 2003 e revisionate nel gennaio 2005 – UK;
  • Guidelines for Preventing Health-Care-Associated Pneumonia, 2003. Recommendations of CDC and the Healthcare Infection Control Practices Advisory Committee. March 26, 2004 / Vol 53 / No. RR-3 – USA;
  • Guidelines for Environmental Infection Control in Health-Care Facilities. Recommendations of CDC and Healthcare Infection Control Practices Advisory Committee (HICPAC). June 6, 2003 / Vol 52 / No. RR-10 – USA;
  • Guidelines for Infection Control in Dental Health-Care Settings, 2003. Recommendations and Reports - December 19, 2003/ Vol 52/ No. RR-17 - USA;
  • Guidelines for Prevention of Nosocomial Pneumonia. Recommendations and Reports. January 03, 1997 / 46 (RR-1); 1-79 – USA.

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