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Legionellosis risk at schools: how to prevent it?

Legionellosis often represents a not considered risk in biological risk evaluation of schools, but epidemics have been discovered in environments like schools, hotels and hospitals


Evidences of legionellosis in a Capannoli plant

Security measures has been immediate for the infected rooms. These measures have been activated by a major's decree to debilitate the dangerous bacterium


Thermal inspection, cleaning and Fire Certification extractor hoods and intake ducts for aspiration of unburnt fumes in canteens, hotels, restaurants and communal kitchens.

Alisea Fire aims to prevent and eliminate the risk of fire and systems failure due to the presence of greasy, charred or viscous deposits.

Alisea Fire

Extractor hoods and intake ducts canteen, hotel, restaurant and communal kitchens, are subject to the formation of greasy, charred or viscous deposits.

Long term, invasive cleaning methods which do not exclude any chemical contamination deriving from products used near food, turn out to be incompatible and unsatisfactory for clients’ needs.

Alisea uses new working methods: we can guarantee full removal of all those greasy, charred or viscous deposits which by accumulating inside kitchen devices compromise normal working order and cause a high risk of fire.
Using the most modern and eco-friendly technology, Alisea has developed a highly effective cleaning system.

The equipment used by the staff and the methodological protocol followed have been selected to pursue three aims:

  • The effective fast elimination of every type of residue and fouling;
  • The method can be applied inside all equipment , irrespective of its shape and size therefore reducing invasive action and disassembly to a minimum;
  • To limit the use of chemical products as much as possible.
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