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air conditioning systems are subject to physiological phenomena of contamination deriving from dust and microbiological agents?
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Legionellosis risk at schools: how to prevent it?

Legionellosis often represents a not considered risk in biological risk evaluation of schools, but epidemics have been discovered in environments like schools, hotels and hospitals


Evidences of legionellosis in a Capannoli plant

Security measures has been immediate for the infected rooms. These measures have been activated by a major's decree to debilitate the dangerous bacterium



Legionellosis risk at schools: how to prevent it?

Legionellosis often represents a not considered risk in biological risk evaluation of schools, but epidemics have been discovered in environments like schools, hotels and hospitals


Evidences of legionellosis in a Capannoli plant

Security measures has been immediate for the infected rooms. These measures have been activated by a major's decree to debilitate the dangerous bacterium


Woman hit by Legionellosis. Hunting for the infection place

A new legionellosis case in Trieste. Bacteria has hit a 70 years old woman, who now is hospitalized in Cattinara, at the 11th floor of the Pneumolgy section


Microclimatic parameters which influence indoor pollution

A technichal paper has been published by Indoor Pollution National Study Group


Hit by Legionellosis, senior in severe condiotions

With cough and fever, hospital exams have highlighted infection. He lives with his wife, who has been examinated and monitored. No evidences of other infections


Legionellosis: epidemic kills 7 people in New York

2400 cases of Legionellosis in 2015. New York Health Department has cleaned 5 cooling Towers considered the contamination source


House pollution dangers

Do you know that home pollution makes more victims than outdoor one? This is why ecological cleanings are so important


Hot, Air Conditioning: How to use it in total safety and to prevent problems

Air Conditioning is an essential tool to face summer mugginess, but only if used correctly


Lecco ASL: "Bacteria found in some water houses"

"In some cases analysis have highlighted presence of bacteria and pseudomonas aeruginosa. This is signal of a not adequate hygienic efficience of treatment systems maintenance


Dead due to Legionellosis, 18 months of imprisonment requested for 2 doctors

The attorney believes that prevention measures were poor, but defense asks for discharge


Sperone, majors infected after 15 days stay in Villamaina baths

That baths stay had been booked in april. From May 25th to June 6th in San Teodoro Thermal Complex in Villamaina. But for 50 majors partecipating to "Good Health Project" of Sperone Council, and especially for 3 hospitalized after going back home, that vacation has turned into a nightmare


Pollution and health: Europe pays an unbelievably high price

Lung cancer, cardiovascular pathologies, heart attack cause 600000 deaths, 33000 in Italy, where the problem causes a loss of 97 million $ (about 88 million €), almost 5% of GDP


Indoor pollution: which elements put our health in danger?

In confined environments many polluting emissions affect our health. To restore sick buildings bioarchitecture finds varoious solutions referring to biological, physical and chemical pollution


Legionellosis in Goito, inspections for pipes and fountains

The old man has contracted the bacterical infection at home. Council member Bussacchetti: "Maybe an isolated case". In the next few days the analysis results


Employee Syndrome and Sick Building Syndrome:illnesses or legends?

Employee Syndrome and Sick Building Syndrome represent two interchangeable pathological entities which tipically struck office employees, and cause about 40% of work absences. Microclimates alterations (indoor pollution) caused by closed spaces, overcrowded environments and office machineries are principal causes of these pathologies. Symptomatology is varied, affecting several apparati: headache, nausea, nervousness, weeping, eye burning sensation and tussing are the more common symptoms.


Legionellosis at dentist clinic, 3 odontologists investigated

Tens of bacteria found Asl Turin 1 inspections arranged by public prosecutor's office


Air Pollution: OMS calls countries to action

Every year 8mln die because of pollution. Resolution will arrive in May, in view of Paris COP about climate


Viareggio, killed at 38 by Legionellosis. Bewilderment in Venosa for Alfredo Sinisi's death

"A serious man on workplace and in his life" . There is strong bewilderment in Venosa, Alfredo Sinisi's birthplace. The 38-years old man died last monday, probably because of legionellosis.


VII ANAM Congress concluded

AIISA (Italian Air Duct Cleaners Association) has concluded its 2015 ANAM Congress. The conference has been introduced by Andrea Casa, elected for his second time AIISA Chairman


Nursing Homes:air quality and respiratory health alarm

The first european study analyzes elderly hosts breath diseases and confirms a relation between PM10 and NO2 high exposition with gasping breath and tussing, and PM0.1, formaldehyde and Bpco with whistles.


Legionellosis: 3 deaths in rest home

Prosecution says that there has been lack of care


Refresher Course about monitoring, check and control of ducts

The event will be held on March 24th in Public Health Department Auditorium in Via Martiniana 21 - Baggiovara, Modena


Hospital Infections and cleaning expense:now the link is verified

Hospitals which spend more in hygiene services are those which register less hospital infections. Today numbers say that. It is demonstrated by a Subsidiarity Foundation, presided by Giorgio Vittadini, research, in collaboration with Bergamo University. Data will be officially presented March 27th at MiCo Milan, in a Forum Pulire 2015 workshop.


But at home it doesen't go better: in 25% of houses nitrogen dioxide exceeds limits

Is well known that indoor pollution is the main death cause linked with environment and globally strenghtens the risk of respiratory illnesses. Today we have another fact to be put under attention: 25% of our houses have nitrogen dioxide level higher than World Health Organization limits.


Asthma. Schools at risk. Carbon dioxide, fine dust and moulds. Only 4 of 248 have a written protocol about indoor pollutants

Blackboards with gypsum, curtains and shelves are at risk too. Furthermore 96% of structures doesen't provide for training for teachers about asthma.These are some of the results included in "Progetto Ccm" (indoor school) conducted on 248 italian schools and presented at Health Ministry.


Legionellosis peaks in hospital waters: seven sentenced

Nobody got sick, but AUSL, after that the analysis revealed higher than the normality values, presented an exposè


Indoor pollution in italian main cities

Indoor air quality problematique is included in the main environmental problematiques because of the high percentage of time passed in this places


VII ANAM Conference

On February 25th-26th-27th, will be held in Klima Hotel Milan, the seventh ANAM conference. AIISA, in this circumstance, will meet its affiliates, and all the people interested in inspection, maintenance and recovery of ducts.


Legionellosis in tap water, second floor of a Pomezia hotel closed

Bacteria has been found by Arpa Lazio technicians, who in the last days have been executing analysis on water samples collected in the hotel


Criticalities in school indoor air quality

As in some articles prepared by GARD-I Project 1 "Indoor air quality related breathing Illnesses risks prevention" can be discovered italian school building situation


USA: is arriving the antibiotic able to defeat three of the most dangerous families

Teixobactin has been discovered by a team of researchers from Boston University and is able to defeat three of the most Dangerous bacteria families making collapse their shell's cells.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Alisea-italia.com staff wishes you a fair Christmas and a full of satisfactions 2015!


Having plants in house make clean air grow

House plants are much more than kind roommates. They can make rooom climate better. Plants are natural filters against pollutants, acts as humidifiers and vaporizers, release oxygen and fight against noises.


Rovagnate: woman hit by legionellosis

Second case of legionellosis at Mandic hospital in Merate in the last few days. After the woman from Merate hit in november, another woman has been hospitalized because of the bacterium


In winter breathe's enemies are: mites, pollution and smoke

Accurate cleanliness, room air-Exchange, temperature between 18 and 20 degrees, humidity around 60% may limitate risks


Pollution, Po Valley is european bottom of the league

Every inhabitant on average loses three years of life because of pollution.


Legionellosis, De Santoli (AICARR): best prevention is maintenance

The specialist: plants to be kept under control against virus.


House Pollution causes more than 4 million deaths every year

Indoor pollution may cause death. World Health Organization attributes 4,3 million deaths every year. Main responsibles are emissions deriving from carbon stoves, radiators, and gasoline lamps. It's a problem mainly regarding low income countries.


Lufthansa continues studies about cabin air also in short-haul flights

After doing a wide range of tests on its Airbus 380, Lufthansa is now extending these studies on short-haul model Airbus 321. Hannover Medical School (MMH) will be the scientific partner.


Legionellosis in stadium swimming pool: wave of controversies

Legionellosis has infected stadium swimming pool in via Andrea Costa, Bologna. Last Week thousands of users who wanted to carry out their activity have found the swimming pool closed. The banner told "Technical Problems",


Indoor pollution: fitness centers air is making you sick?

Indoor pollution in fitness centers. Cold is arriving and many people start to prefer training in fitness centers than open air activity. The question is: The air that we are breathing in fitness centers is really healthy?


Niguarda, Legionellosis in 350 houses

All the tenants have been called in a theatre. Home remediation: without tap water for a day


Sneezeing during flights: that's how flu virus spreads

That's how virus cloud moves: with a sneeze there are 16 thousands particles in circulation. But the risk of being sick is higher in cinemas and offices.


Six contaminations, one death: anti-Legionellosis plan in Bresso

In Bresso ASL analysis in house taps and fountains. It has been asked not to have showers, and not to irrigate gardens with tap water


Climate: 10 advices against wastefulnesses and pollution, before heating start

From October 15th is possible to start heating in flats and offices, but the boilers can be kept turned off. Ten advices to avoid wastefulnesses and pollution.


British Medical Journal: "Pollution and climate changes, OMS should declare state of emergency"

Climate changes represent a sanitary problem, and OMS "should declare state of Emergency for public health". This is the plea made from British Medical Journal head director, Fiona Godlee.


Legionellosis, seven deaths in Catalunya

It's health alert in Sabadell and Ripollet municipalities (near Barcelona) beacuse of two seeds of Legionellosis which by september 5th have originated seven deaths.


Struck by Legionellosis, one dead, fears about water systems

Legionellosis, an acute disease which causes an often deadly pneumonia, has struck two man from Cislago: a 68 years old man living in Via Istria, who has luckily won the illness in Desio Hospital, and a 83 years old man living in Via Mazzini, dead in Busto Arsizio Hospital. The striking fact is that the two men were living close each other, and this bring fears about the presence of Legionellosis bacteria in the water systems. The relatives are asking clarity at the healthcare authorities and at the town administration: "Public health is involved - they say - So we are waiting for complete explanations, and, above all, certainty about the water systems maintenance state


Alisea at 2014 NADCA Annual Meeting

Like every year Alisea attended the NADCA Annual Meeting in San Antonio, USA. In this event air ducts experts confront each other and are trained in this sector's innovations


Indoor pollution: when danger borns between your home walls

We are scared by smog and big city polluted air, we have learnt about the importance of recycling, but if outdoor pollution is a known enemy, indoor pollution, which is produced between your home walls, is more hidden and insidious.


Indoor pollution: often worse than outdoor

Several scientific studies have shown that substances which are present between our house walls are very dangerous pollutants for people living or staying there. We are speaking of glues, solvent, formaldehyde, particles and dust, smoke, acids... but also electromagnetism from household electric appliances, computers, WIFI radio waves, mobile phones and others.


Legionella bacteria in hospital: eight under trial

Eight people are under trial because Legionella bacteria had been found in Ospedale Maggiore and Ospedale Bellaria in Bologna. They are eight employer of the companies responsible for the disinfection service. The charge is for public procurement fraud


Indoor pollution: an understimated problem; how to fight it

Poor air quality is a sadly known problem, but there is an understimated type of pollution, equally able to cause health damages: indoor pollution, which attacks ourselves when we are at home, in our workplace or at school. This problem, especially for children, is not to be understimated.


ASL Inspections in Turin Underground: "Air quality at risk"

It was february 28th when Safety and Prevention Office sent to GTT a note, result of four inspections held between february 27th and december 7th 2012 in underground stations. The reports contains three provisions to be adopted between three and six months.


May air pollution increase cancer risk?

For many years air pollution impact on cancer rate, primarily lung cancer, has been under debate.  Epidemiological studies effectively gave contrasting results. To measure air pollution impact on persons, particularly in slow formation rate illnesses like cancers, is very difficult: every time a link emerges, it is necessary to verify the presence of others factors (like smoke and other behaviours, nutrition and genetic features of a certain population) which may confund results, because cancer causes themselves.


Legionella in San Mauro Cilento

A 30-years-old man from San Mauro Cilento has been hospitalized at Monaldi Hospital in Naples. Now the man is in coma. Arpac technicians arrived quickly with the aim to take the first samples.


Air conditioning and indoor pollution: effects and remedies

We are naturalized that outdoor pollution is one of the most dangerous elements for our health. It is partially true, but indoor pollution and air conditioning effects are not to be underrated. "The presence in confined locations of physical, chemical and biological contaminants not present in high quality ecological systems' outdoor air" This is the indoor pollution definition by Ministry of Environment.


Legionella in camping, trial for injuries

He has been hospitalised following a stroke after a camping Holiday. The doctors identified a Legionella infection. It was July 2011 and Camping Florenz in Lido degli Scacchi, where the man spent his camping holiday, has been investigated.


Hospital Infections prevention

Every day about 80.000 european patients contract hospital infections, about 1 every 18 hospitalised patients; Klebsiella KPC, Acinetobacter baumannii and Pseudomonas aeruginosa are the germs mainly responsible for infections. Prevention measures and correct usage of antibiotics represent valid instruments for many hospital infections prevention, especially in high antibiotic-resistance risk hospital departments, like intensive care.


Legionella in Potenza Court, two municipal supervisors investigated

Two engineers of Potenza Municipality are investigated for manslaughter contagion. Last Week they have received an advice on the end of the investigation about last december Legionella case in Potenza Court.


How to improve your indoor air quality

Indoor pollution refers to the presence of physical, chemicals and biological contaminants in the air breathed in places used for abode, amusement, work and transport. To prevent an high level of pollution in the air is necessary to act on behaviours and on technical and construction elements.


2 of 5 public schools are in bad conditions, 33% water systems not conforming

In Italy 2 of 5 public schools are falling into pieces. In autumn 2012, the italian Department of Education, University and Research published some facts about italian publich schools: 4% had been built before 1900, 44% between 1961 and 1980. 33% of these institutes have a not conforming water system, and only 17,5% have a fire prevention system. 40% are in seismic danger, but only 50% of these are antiseismic


House Pollution? No more mildews, germs and spores on air filters

There are a lot of enemies hiding themselves within your house's walls . The use of heating in winter time boosts allergies, asthma and difficulties in breathing, but with new technologies is possible to adjust polluted air. For a good choice is required to verify the power of the machinery compared to the location size, and that the operation eases recurring maintenance.