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air conditioning systems are subject to physiological phenomena of contamination deriving from dust and microbiological agents?
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Legionellosis risk at schools: how to prevent it?

Legionellosis often represents a not considered risk in biological risk evaluation of schools, but epidemics have been discovered in environments like schools, hotels and hospitals


Evidences of legionellosis in a Capannoli plant

Security measures has been immediate for the infected rooms. These measures have been activated by a major's decree to debilitate the dangerous bacterium

Office department

An unhealthy work environment contributes to a reduction in staff motivation and increases the rate of absenteeism. Taking preventive action that certifies healthy environmental conditions, guarantees workplaces that respect the health of employees and ensures that the company has obtained proper protection for its human assets.
Over the year Alisea has given more than 1,500 clients located in Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany and Austria the certainty of working in a safe environment that respects the regulations.
Alisea today can offer specific and tested solutions for all needs of:

  • Companies with administrative areas and offices
  • Companies with public spaces
  • Bank branches and agencies