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operating theatres are considered to be hazardous environments, both for patients and for sanitary operators working in that areas?
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Legionellosis risk at schools: how to prevent it?

Legionellosis often represents a not considered risk in biological risk evaluation of schools, but epidemics have been discovered in environments like schools, hotels and hospitals


Evidences of legionellosis in a Capannoli plant

Security measures has been immediate for the infected rooms. These measures have been activated by a major's decree to debilitate the dangerous bacterium

About us

"Our first and most important imperative has always been to guarantee our clients the highest degree of safety and professionalism” – Andrea Casa

The American journey and the creation of Alisea

I became interested in services connected to HVAC system hygiene- explains Andrea Casa, founder and President of Alisea S.r.l. - due to an intuition and a lucky coincidence which happened during a memorable holiday in the States at the end of the 90’s. I had gone to Boston for a week to visit an old High school friend. After graduating from university in economics and after spending three years in London working in the world of finance, he had been accepted on a coveted and expensive MBA (Masters in Business Administration) at the Sloane School in Boston, part of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He needed a friend to celebrate with and I was the obvious choice, seeing as I was an expert in this field. While staying on campus I noticed some technicians fumbling with these strange brushes near the air ducts. I asked them what they were doing and they told me they were ‘duct cleaners’. I was very intrigued by this because I had never heard of anything like this before in Italy. I learnt more about the matter and after three days, almost just for fun and with the help of my friend I drew up a Business Plan to take home with me as a souvenir of my stay in America. I thought about framing it and hanging it on the wall instead I used it to found Alisea, my own Company.

Alisea Air

Shortly afterwards I realised that in the United States, contrary to what was happening in Italy , a lot of attention was being paid to the air quality in confined spaces. To guarantee an acceptable level of air quality a new profession had been created and developed which was unknown to us: the air duct cleaner. A national association had also been founded to unite all the experts and companies in this industry.

This association, called NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association), had the clear purpose to promote the development of increasingly effective knowledge and techniques on matters relating to remediation services for HVAC systems.
Since then, even in Italy a lot of progress had been made and the problem of so called IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) is no longer just a theoretical dissertation topic of a handful of experts. More and more often even the mass media focus on themes such as infection from Legionella Pneumophila or the so called “Sick Building Syndrome”. In society also awareness that air quality is of fundamental importance in order to protect human health it is also becoming more and more widespread. The stories and professional experience of the individuals who work at Alisea S.r.l. all evolve around the last decade which we still like to define as “pioneering”.

In this time we have followed the evolution of technical and scientific knowledge and the creation of new legislation on this matter. On the other hand our contribution has always been to continuously look for new technical solutions and to experiment with new procedures that allow us to improve the quality of our work and at the same time to reduce costs. From cleaning based on the use of compressed air to that carried out with robotic systems, from chemical disinfection to that based on shortwave ultraviolet rays (UV-C): our first and most important imperative has always been to guarantee our clients the highest degree of safety and professionalism. Our intention moreover was assessed favourably by an increasingly broader, careful and well informed client base. A large group of private companies and major national and international public institutions for whom the technical issues of service cannot be separated from broader advisory services involving all possible aspects of the problem from the health and hygiene dimension to the important stage of legal advice and protection.

Alisea Fire

Half way through the first decade of the new century, Alisea S.r.l. started to develop its own specific know-how aimed at solving all problems inherent in cleaning and proper maintenance of extractor hoods and intake ducts for the aspiration of unburnt fumes in bar, restaurant, hotel, canteen kitchens etc… On the basis of highly innovative operating methods today we are able to guarantee the complete removal of all greasy, charred or viscous residues that by accumulating in kitchen equipment compromise its smooth functioning and cause a high risk of fire.

The idea of extending our core business to extractor hoods and intake ducts in the kitchen- continues Mr. Casa- was implicitly suggested by a large number of requests from our most loyal clients. It was natural for them to associate our usual services, carried out inside air conditioning systems with those carried out inside intake ducts. In a short time we realised that for such an important requirement, despite the current fire regulations a fast, effective and safe enough cleaning system did not exist. The requests from this potential market, in other words found partial satisfaction through invasive, inventive cleaning systems and with time frames that were not compatible with clients’’ needs. The close vicinity to food also brought about other problems connected to possible chemical contamination deriving from the products used.

Using more modern and eco-friendly technology we were able to create a synthesis aimed at the specific needs of this sector.
We believe that we have created a highly innovative cleaning system whose components, from the equipment used to the procedures followed all focus on achieving a three-fold objective:

  • effective elimination of every type of residue and dirt quickly
  • using the same method inside all equipment, irrespective of its shape and size, thus reducing invasive work and avoiding disassembly
  • limiting the use of chemical products as much as possible.

Alisea Water

In the last few years our attention has been drawn to problems deriving from the proliferation of Legionella bacteria in water systems. Also in this case it was our clients, with whom we had shared the success in the fight against legionella in air systems who pushed us towards this new sector.

Aware of the big technical and systems differences between aeraulic and water systems we started out by organising a highly professional independent division of the company.
We hired highly qualified personnel and we formed synergy partnerships with the most innovative companies in the sector. After the initial phase of studying the problems in this field, we moved on to planning, verification and practical implementation of methodological protocols for cleaning.

Today we can say that we have put our way to the test over time which is as flexible as it is effective to resolve the problems created by these hazardous bacteria.

Alisea Sefc

Recently we decided to focus also on maintenance for Smoke and Heat Evacuation Systems (SE) and we founded the Alisea SE Maintenance Division: SEFCAIR.
Like all systems active fire protection systems need scheduled and certified maintenance to guarantee long lasting efficiency.
SEFCAIR, thanks to the experience gained in the aeraulic sector offers services related to initial inspection, monitoring, periodic checking, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the system as a whole in accordance with rigorous existing legislation, ensuring certification is maintained, updating the documentation constantly and therefore guaranteeing that all the necessary steps are taken to renew fire protection practices. For further information please visit the dedicated site.